Early Music Festival


The only festival of Early Music in Prague

16th International Music Festival
13. 7. – 6. 8. 2015

We wish to thank to all the festival visitors 
and partners for their kind support. 

We look forward to meeting you on the occasion of the 17th festival in 2016.

Throughout history, women in music were regarded as an exception, or even an anomaly. Yet, the development of music in the past was influenced by a number of outstanding female composers, performers, and patrons; although they rarely made it into the canon. The Summer Festivities of Early Music have chosen this important aspect of the history of music and the motif of the Eternal Woman as the main theme of its upcoming 16th edition.

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Audio recordings by the Czech Radio

20. 8. 2015, 21:20
Musica Antiqua programme: La Sainte Folie Fantastique
La Muse (recording of the performance on 13 July 2015)

26. 8. 2015, 13:00
Hudební galerie programme: La Violetta
Laura (recording of the performance on 16 July 2015)

27. 8. 2015, 21:20
Musica Antiqua programme: Glossarium
La Luna (recording of the performance on 20 July 2015)

17. 9. 2015, 21:20
Musica Antiqua programme: Silfver
Hemiolen (recording of the performance on 30 July 2015)