Tre fontane

Tre fontane

Virtuosity at the Time of Boccaccio’s Decameron

Ensemble Unicorn (Austria)
Michael Posch – artistic direction

Thursday 2. 8. 2012, 7.30 pm
The New Town Hall , The Big Hall, Karlovo nám. 1/23, Praha 2

The New-City Hall has witnessed many dramatic transformations – a Hussite defenestration, the incarceration of the leader of a peasant uprising Jan Sladký Kozina; it has been the site of criminal court, and has housed various offices. No doubt there were also occasions on which people jigged! On 2 August 2012, the Great Hall resounded with echoes of those bygone times as the Austrian Ensemble Unicorn, led by the phenomenal flutist Michael Posch, performed dance music from some the most important Renaissance codices, such as Torino, Rossi, Faenza, or Squarcialupi – music which originated around the same time as the New City of Prague.

Concert Programme

Supported by the Austrian Culture Forum. In collaboration with Prague 2 and the New Town Hall.

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