Program koncertu

Kouzelný ostrov

Sláva anglické barokní opery

Olga Pasiecznik – soprán
Hana Blažíková – soprán
Collegium Marianum – orchestr
Jana Semerádová – umělecká vedoucí

Pondělí 6. 8. 2012, 19.30
Pražský hrad, Španělský sál, Praha 1



Část I.
Orpheus britanicus

H. Purcell (1659–1695)

The Fairy Queen, Z. 629
Ouverture (Second Music)
Rondeau (Second Music)
If Love´s a Sweet Passion
Symphony While the Swans Come Forward
Third Act Tune: Hornpipe (Act III)
Fourth Tune: Air (Act IV)
The Plaint: O, let me weep!
Chaconne: Dance of the Chinese Man and Women (Act V)

The Indian Queen, Z. 630/17
We the Spirits of the Air (Act III)

Dido and Aeneas, Z. 626
Dido’s Lament: Thy hand, Belinda, darkness shades me – When I am laid in earth (Act III)

The Prophetess, or The History of Dioclesian, Z. 627
First Act Tune: Hornpipe

The King Arthur, or The British Worthy, Z. 628
Aire, played while Merlin descends from a Chariot drawn by Dragons
– Fairest Isle, all isles excelling (Act V)

Pausanias, the Betrayer of his Country, Z. 585
My dearest, my fairest

The King Arthur, or The British Worthy, Z. 628
Chaconne (Act V)


Část II.
Giant Handel

G. F. Handel (1685–1859)

Vodní hudba
Menuet – Bourée (Suita č. 2, HWV 349)
Rigaudon I, II – Minuet I, II – Gigue (Suita č. 3, HWV 350)

Ode for the Birthday of Queen Anne, HWV 74
Aria: Eternal source of light divine

Acis and Galatea, HWV 49        
Aria: Hush, ye pretty warbling quire! (Act I)

Solomon, HWV 67
Symphony: The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba (Act III)

Athalia, HWV 52
Aria: Softest sounds no more can ease me (Act I)

Hudba k ohňostroji, HWV 351
Bourrée – Réjouissance – Menuet

Theodora, HWV 68
Aria: With darkness deep, as is my woe (Act II)

Semele, HWV 58
Aria: Myself I shall adore (Act III)

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