Ad honorem Sancti Joannis Nepomuceni

Baroque festival with music and allegorical scenes to the canonization of St John Nepomuk


Blažena Hončarivová – direction
Ritornello, Collegium Marianum, Chorea Historica
– period instruments and dance ensembles (Czech Republic)


Sunday 25 July 2004, 7 pm
St Jan Nepomucký Church, Kanovnická ul., Praha 1


The last great sacred festival of baroque Bohemia was the celebration of the canonization of St John of Nepomuk in 1729. The whole world could envy Prague its status connected with the veneration of the new saint who was to become a national symbol. Such a unique festival was crowned by many (monastic) order plays based on John of Nepomuk’s life and deeds. Part of the play from 1729 named Fama Sancta with dramatic scenes, accompanied by the sounds of trumpets, processional songs, sermons and Šimon Brixi’s music was performed in the church of Jan of Nepomuk in the Prague-Castle area.