N.-A. Lebegue, Sainte-Colombe, F. Couperin, J.-P. Rameau, M. Marais


Thursday 17 July 2003, 7.30 pm
Clam-Gallas Palace, Husova 20, Praha 1


Les voix humaines (Canada)
Susie Napper
& Margaret Little – viols


The French chamber music of the 17th century and above all the admirable pieces for two viols point to a certain intimateness in the music expression which is nowadays sometimes overlooked in the concept of the Grand Siècle. It is music which reflects the growing popularity of private musical diversion, using a language which overflows with emotions while being discreet and evoking a world which marries freedom and intimateness. The golden era of the viol in Paris is represented by the oeuvre by the eminent Marin Marais, the melancholic Sainte-Colombe, the grandiose J. Ph. Rameau and witty F. Couperina. Their compositions were rendered by the Canadian duo Les Voix Humaines – Susie Napper and Margaret Little.