La suaue melodía

Spanish violin music in the 17th century


La Real Cámara (Spain)
Emilio Moreno
– violin, artistic leader
Antonio Almela
– violin
Antoine Ladrette – cello
Eduard Martínez
– harpsichord, organ


Friday 21 July 2006, 7.30 pm
Zámek Troja, U Trojského zámku 1, Praha 7


The 17th century, when the country was governed by chaos and anarchy, is paradoxically considered as one of the most magnificent periods of the Spanish culture. In music it was a time of florescence not only for sacred music, represented by a number of outstanding organists and choirmasters, but also for scenic music: inspired by the vigorous Italian opera, Spain developed its own form of musical theatre, the zarzuela. Another area that experienced flowering was instrumental music existing as a separate genre or within the two above mentioned forms. The programme offered an idea of what it could have meant to say “the Spanish Violin at the time of Velázquez“.