Music from the Catalonian Cathedrals


F. Valls, J. Pla, J. Moreno, A. R. de Hita, S. Duron, J. de Herrando


Wednesday 9 July 2003, 7.30 pm
St George Basilica, Pražský hrad, Praha 1


Compendio Harmonico – vocal-instrumental ensemble (Spain)
Jordan Fumadó Jornet
– artistic director


Around 1600 Spain found herself in a growing isolation which began its political and artistic decline. While the rest of Europe, Italy above all, progressed in the name of the new musical style, Spanins music remained in the troughs of the polyphonic stile antico of the preceding century. With the beginning of the 18th century, Spain finally entered the baroque era. Spanish musicians who wanted to succeed with their public, were obliged to Italianate their music. The mixing of Spanish and Italian elements in music gave rise to some original combinations of musical forms of these two countries. The pieces included in the evening’s programme originated in this transition period between the old Hispanic and the new Italian Baroque.