Sempre un po´di follia

Passion and exuberance in the music of the 16th and 17th centuries


Echo du Danube (Austria)
Elisabeth Seitz
– psaltery
Johanna Seitz
– harp
Michael Dücker
– lute
Christian Zincke – viola da gamba, artistic director


Sunday 2 August 2009, 6.30 pm

Summer Pavilion Hvězda, Liboc, Prague 6


On the occasion of the festival's jubilee, the summer pavilion of Hvězda hosted the charismatic Austrian ensemble Echo du Danube. With the gamba player Christian Zincke at its head, the group prepared a truly spirited programme featuring such diverse forms as fandango, gagliarda napolitana, tarantella, the-second-witches-dance and follia (Italian for "folly"). Composers from four countries were brought together on the stage, including J. Dowland, G. B. Vitali, D. Ortiz and C. de Rore. The uniqueness of the evening was enhanced by the sound of some nowadays rarely heard instruments such as the the psaltery and the historical harp in combination with the lute and viola da gamba.