Travel Journals of a Dancing Master

Gudrun Skamletz - choreography
Jean-Denis Monory
- direction, actor
Bastien Ossart
- scenario
Chantal Rousseau
- costumes
Collegium Marianum
Jana Semerádová
- artistic director


Wednesday 23. 7. 2008, 8:30 pm
Zámek Troja, U Trojského zámku 1, Praha 7


On his journeys across Europe the French dance master got to know not only various forms of court dance culture, but also many exotic dances whose diverse character he later employed in guiding his student to the summit of art. This gifted student was performed by Gudrun Skamletz who managed to draw the audience into the whirl of dance. Her performance revived the imperial grace of Viennese ballets, the theatric playfulness of Purcell’s air, and the old-time majesty of the polonaise. Venetian carnival, on the other hand, let our imagination run lose, the Neapolitan tarantella electrified us with unrestrained vivacity and fandango, typical of Madrid, enchanted the audience with its passionate rhythms. In Folies d´Espagne the Spanish temperament only resounded as a faint echo while the closing Passacaille d´Armide proved its rightful place as the queen of baroque dances.