It is safe to claim that whichever performance from their programme offer you will choose,
you will not be disappointed.

Časopis Harmonie, 5. 7. 2017, Luboš Stehlík

Summer Festivities of Early Music have become a guarantee of wonderful music experiences enhanced by the beauty of the architecture in which they take place.

Lidové noviny, 26. 6. 2017, Helena Havlíková

The organizers of the Summer Festivities of Early Music have shown they have much to offer to their public.

Opera PLUS, 1. 8. 2017, Karel Veverka

Even in as it has concluded its 18th edition, the international music festival has once more confirmed its main prerogatives: ingenuine programming in combination with brilliant performance.

Lidové noviny, 9. 8. 2017, Helena Havlíková


Each year they come with something new and they always manage to take the audience by surprise.

MF DNES, 9. 7. 2016, Věra Drápelová


During the seventeen years of their existence, the Summer Festivities of Early Music have disproved the idea that it is impossible to organize a serious musical festival (i.e. other than intended for tourists) during the summer season in Prague.

Also, their prestige has grown: the performers of this year’s festival are so distinguished that any other important European festival of Early Music would be happy to host them..

Hospodářské noviny, 13. 7. 2016, Frank Kuznik


[…] The Summer Festivities of Early Music are the only event in this period based on a thought-out concept.
[…] Each year, the festival takes a lot of care looking for new themes, connections, and performers., 13. 7. 2016, Věra Drápelová


The Summer Festivities of Early Music have again unearthed hidden treasures

Lidové noviny, 9. 8. 2016, Helena Havlíková


The festival offers original programming with a specific binding theme and is thus a marked, refreshing presence on the parched cultural map of the city in the summer.

MF DNES, 5. 8. 2016, Věra Drápelová


The Summer Festivities of Early Music count amont the well-established festivals, organized by real connoisseurs in the field of early music. They invite audiences to beautiful concert venues and offer interesting programming ideas.

Opera PLUS, 26. 7. 2016, Čeněk Svoboda


The programme of the festival, as erudite and refreshing as has become a tradition with the Summer Festivities of Early Music, discovers for the listeners ever “new” treasures of medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque music, together with their reflections in contemporary musical performance. Another prerogative and constant “bonus” of this cultural event has been the choice of venues so that they would correspond with the milieus which witnessed the performed music when it was first composed.

Lidové noviny, 27. 6. 2015, Helena Havlíková


The classical music offer in the summer Prague is traditionally dominated by the Summer Festivities of Early Music. This is due to their ever innovative, attractive programming and the high quality of performance by musicians from various countries abroad.

MF DNES, 22. 7. 2015, Věra Drápelová


Summer Festivities of Early Music are a project whose specialization and original programming are unparalleled in this country. Each year the programme leaves us astounded at the ever new themes, the brilliant musicians from all over Europe, and the inventiveness of the organizers who are still able to come up with new historical spaces suitable for concerts.

Lidové noviny, 16. 7. 2014, Jana Machalická


The Summer Festivities of Early Music have created and held over the past fifteen years a stable position on the Prague festival map in the summer, counting among the most prestigious festivals in this country. The visitors know that they can rely on the high quality of performance and programming. All the festival projects, which have taken place in carefully chosen historical venues, were more than well attended.

Lidové noviny, 8. 8. 2014, Helena Havlíková


Oživit starou hudbu a představit různé možnosti, jak na to. To je cíl mezinárodní festivalu Letních slavností staré hudby.

Lidové noviny, 23. 7. 2014, Helena Havlíková


To bring historical music back to life and to show diverse ways in which it can be done. That is the goal of the Summer Festivities of Early Music international music festival.

Art., 14. 7. 2014, Frank Kuznik


Summer Festivities of Early Music are one of the prominent festivals in this country. Among its highlights are the diverse and thought-out programming and the choice of historical venues in which music of historical significance is performed.

Mladá fronta DNES, 28. 7. 2014, Věra Drápelová


Summer Festivities of Early Music will Offer Music for the Altar as well as Music for the Coronation of Charles VI.
Although the 15th edition of the Summer Festivities of Early Music does not commence till Monday, in a sense it started this March when its director, Ms. Markéta Semerádová, received an honorary title of the French Ordre des Arts et des Lettres. The French government has bestowed the title of Chevalier on Ms. Semerádová for her merit in the presentation of French baroque culture in the Czech Republic: upon her invitation, the festival has hosted world-renowned artists and vocal soloists such as Philippe Jaroussky, Claire Lefilliâtre, and Jean-François Novelli., 14. 7. 2014, Frank Kuznik