Come and meet us in the pleasant shade of olive trees!

The programme of the 19th Summer Festivities of Early Music will take us to the musical world of the Mediterranean. “Mediterraneo” in the title of the festival refers to the cultural phenomenon closely related to that highly inspiring geographical region, traditionally delimited by the appearance of olive trees. Yet, besides olive trees the fertile shores of the Mediterranean Sea have always been home to many diverse cultures. Their influence on other European traditions can be traced far back into history, not least to the Baroque and Renaissance eras. In music, the inspiration is obvious on the thematic level, as the classical stories of the ancient myths were adapted for baroque operas and cantatas. But it can also be encountered on the level of specific local elements and musical styles. A good example of this sphere of influence is the famous theme of la folía which found its way from the Iberian Peninsula to the musical cultures in various parts of Europe.

The programme of the upcoming festival will focus on several major streams of influence flowing from the Mediterranean region to various parts of Europe.


Several concerts will illustrate how operas of high baroque drew thematically on the wealth of ancient stories which take place in the waters of the sea itself or on its islands and shores.

Queens of the Mediterranean

The opening concert, entitled Queens of the Mediterranean, will offer a selection of vocal works by authors related to the French royal court. Arias by J.-B. Lully, A. Campra, J.-Ph. Rameau and others, based on the fates of mythological heroines, will be performed by the eminent French soprano Véronique Gens and the excellent Les Ambassadeurs, also from France.


Love and Perfidy

German soprano Hanna Herfurtner and lautten compagney BERLIN will bring a programme based on ancient myths and stories of love which take place on islands, both real and fictional. Love and Perfidy will feature works by G. F. Handel and his Italian and German contemporaries: A. Scarlatti, N. Porpora or J. A. Hasse. 


Sacred music has always been under the Mediterranean sphere of influence.

Between Heaven and Earth

Between Heaven and Earth is a programme featuring the Czech Tiburtina Ensemble with its artistic director Barbora Kabátková. Together with their guests from Italy, the key fiddle players Marc Ambrosini and Angela Ambrosini, they will perform lauds from the famous medieval manuscript Laudario di Cortona.


The remaining programmes can be categorized under the heading of ‘a musical travelogue’. They will take us on voyage of the Mediterranean Sea with stops on various culturally and musically inspiring places.

Un compás

The performance of Euskal Barrokensemble from the Basque Country, together with their guest, Kiya Tabassian who plays the Persian lute, is entitled Un compás. Their musical journey will be from Spain to the gates of the Orient.


La tempesta di mare

The excellent Polish ensemble {oh!} Orkiestra Historyczna will return to the festival with a programme called La tempesta di mare, to take us safely through a storm on the sea and drop anchor in famous ports and musical centres of the Italian north.


Barroco napoletano

Barocco napoletano offers a musical tour of yet another Italian port famous for its musical heritage. The Belgian soprano, Lore Binon, and a trio of musicians directed by phenomenal player on historical harps Sarah Louise Ridy, will perform various songs and dances from Naples. olcanic Vesuvio.


The final and most representative of these musical expeditions will be the closing performance of the festival: a concert performance of André Campra’s opera L’Europe galante.

Evropa galantní

At the Dvořák Hall in Rudolfinum, a host of international soloists will be joined by an orchestra featuring two baroque ensembles, Les Folies françoises and Collegium Marianum. The attractive theme of Campra’s opera offers a series of amorous adventures and a survey of the different concepts of courtship in countries on the shores of the Meaditerranean, from Spain through Italy and Turkey.


The 19th edition of the festival is a continuation of the programme v programové linii připravované ve spolupráci s prestižním Centrem pro barokní hudbu ve Versailles (Centre de musique baroque de Versailles – CMBV). More…