The Summer Festivities of Early Music are the largest and oldest continually running festival of historical music in Prague. Since it was founded in 2000, the festival has been the gateway through which leading interpreters from abroad make their entry into Prague. Thanks to a thematic, innovative dramaturgy, modern premieres – not only for the Czech Republic, but world premieres too – represent a high percentage of festival projects. The Festival is unique in its reach into the field of baroque theatre and dance. A characteristic part of these productions are period costumes, original choreography, and baroque gesture, rhetoric and makeup.


One of the priorities of the Festival is to link beautiful architecture with music of corresponding styles. The unique historic surroundings facilitate an unmistakeable atmosphere which has its origins in the performance of music on original instruments, and the unusual acoustic experiences linked with it. Concerts and performances – set in such venues as the Břevnov Monastery, Troja Chateau, the Prague castle, as well as some lesser known Prague churches and other historical venues in Prague – have met with great success.