Arcangelo della Musica

Innovations in Instrumental Music around Arcangelo Corelli

Domenico Scarlatti, Arcangelo Corelli, Georg Friedrich Händel,
Giovanni Bononcini, François Couperin


Sayuri Yamagata – violin
Lucia Swarts – cello
Siebe Henstra – harpsichord
Cecilia Bernardini – violin, artistic director


Friday 2. 8. 2013, 7.30 pm
Prague Castle, Rudolph Gallery, Prague 1

Supported by the Netherlands Embassy in Prague. In collaboration with the Prague Castle Administration.


On 2 August in the Rudolph Gallery of the Prague Castle, the ranks of the Archangels grew with the assistance of St. Cecilia, the patroness of musicians. Symbolically, this occured on the holiday of Our Lady Queen of Angels. Ss. Michael, Rafael, and Gabriel were joined by Arcangelo Corelli whose important anniversary we commemorate this year. Apart from Corelli’s masterpieces, the quartet of players from the world-renowned Netherlands Bach Society introduced music by his peers who were no lesser masters of the trio sonata style: Lelio Colista, Georg Friedrich Haendel, and Giovanni Battista Bononcini… Another intercessor was, of course, Francois Couperin, the author of the famous L´Apothéose de Corelli.


Concert Programme

Lelio Colista (1629–1680)
Sonata terza a tre in D major

Arcangelo Corelli (1653–1713)
Trio sonata in G, Op. 1 No. 9
Sonata for violin and basso continuo in D minor La Follia, Op. 5 No.12
Trio sonata in G major, Op. 2 No. 12


Georg Friedrich Händel (1685–1759)
Trio sonata in B minor, Op.2 No.1


Domenico Scarlatti (1685–1757)
Sonate 30, Fuga in g-minor, Cats Fugue


G. B. Bononcini (1670–1747)
Sonata da chiesa a due violini in a minor, Op. 6 No. 5


François Couperin (1668–1733)
Le Parnasse, ou l’apothéose de Corelli – Grande Sonade en Trio 1.


Summer Festivities of Early Music 2013
Hudební rozhledy 10/2013, Lukáš Vytlačil
The combination of genuine musicality and enthusiasm with excellent technique soon persuaded everyone in the hall about the soloist’s qualities. Moreover, Italian music is Cecilia Bernardini’s domain. Her sound was very lively and warm and combined well with the tone of Sayuri Yamagata, very precise and crystal clear.