Renaissance play with dance


Wednesday 21 July 2004, 8.30 pm
Nostic Palace, Courtyard, Maltézské nám. 1, Praha 1


Ardente Sole – dance ensemble (Poland)
Pawel Winsczyk
– direction
Romana Agnel
– choreography


The performance of Chess, a renaissance play by the Polish poet Jan Kochanowski was an intriguing combination of dance, pantomime and the spoken word. A poem about a game of chess became the optimal basis for this original amalgamation of arts. Applying technique of renaissance dance combined with original choreographies of the 16th century in Italian and French style, the performance comprised scenes in the period convention, revealing the specific character of court ballet. Expressive scenes from a chessboard battle scene accompanied by fanciful costumes and masks enabled the spectators to enter the fairy-tale world of the game.