Flemish Zephyr

Charles Daniels – tenor
Oltremontano (Belgium)
Wim Becu
– artistic director
Sunday 27 July 2008, 7.30 pm
St. Havel Church, Havelská street, Prague 1


The mellow sound of the renaissance trombone in combination with human voice invited the listeners to return to the past. The old, forgotten techniques of playing which require true mastery of the instrument were brilliantly revived by the Belgian ensemble Oltremontano. The Prague church of St. Gallus resounded with the music by Flemish masters and their Italian contemporaries such as Frescobaldi, Lasso, Ferro and Castello. The famous tenor Charles Daniels was accompanied by Wim Becu on the trombone, Eduard Eqüez on theorbo and Kris Verhelst on the organ and harpsichord.