Harmony of nations

J. D. Zelenka, G. F. Händel, G. Ph. Telemann, M. A. Charpentier, G. Muffat


European Union Baroque Orchestra
Lars Ulrik Mortensen
– conductor


Friday 6 August 2004, 6 pm
Waldstein Palace, Knights Hall, Valdštejnské nám. 7, Praha 1


The European dimension of the closing concert of the 5th Summer Festivities of Early Music was confirmed in the international composition of the Baroque Orchestra of the European Union, as well as of the evening’s programming. In its first appearance in the Czech Republic, the EUBO performed pieces by Czech, German and French authors whose biographies and careers testified to Europeanism in today’s sense of the word. J. D. Zelenka left Prague for Dresden, G. F. Händel spent his youth in Italy, later on he left Hannover for London, G. Ph. Telemann‘s musical style mixes features of Italian and French music and he himself often traveled to Paris from his German whereabouts. The Frenchman M. A. Charpentier studied in Rome and was influenced by Italian music, G. Muffat worked in his German homeland, but also in Paris and Salzburg.