Music for a Biedermeier Salon
(E. Krähmer, C. Kreutzer, W. A. Mozart, J. Strauss)


Laterna Magica – TRIO (Belgium, Wallonia-Brussels)
Nathalie Houtman, Laura Pok – csakan
Raphaël Collignon
– fortepiano


Thursday 4 August 2011, 8.00 pm
Brevnov Monastery, Teresian Hall, Markétská 1, Praha 6


Walking sticks come in many shapes and sizes, and there is one which can be used to play Mozart. Its name is “csakan” and it even used to serve as a weapon in certain contexts. On the occasion of the August performance in Břevnov Monastery, however, it will be used for strictly musical purposes. The Belgian-Wallonian trio Laterna Magica will perform on their csakans a programme of virtuoso music for the Biedermeier salon by authors such as Joseph Gebauer, Conradin Kreutzer and Ernst Krähmer, interspersed by improvisations on the fortepiano. And what does csakan sound like? Fittingly to the surrounding cloistral gardens as its pastoral flute tones could be used to bring together sheep from the nearby Višňovka hill.