Nordic Folk Baroque


SILFVER (Sweden)
Pelle Björnlert – violin
Johan Hedin – nyckelharpa
Nora Roll – viola da gamba
Sven Åberg – lute


Thursday 30. 7. 2015, 7.30 pm
The Bethlehem Chapel, Betlémské náměstí 255/4, Praha 1

Under the auspices of the rector of the Czech Technical University in Prague, Prof. Petr Konvalinka, and in collaboration with the Czech Technical University in Prague.


The concert with the musical title "Hemiolen" took place at an unusual setting: the Bethlehem Chapel in the centre of Prague, a place where the old appropriately and productively merges with the new. Such was also the programme that the Swedish ensemble Silfver brought for their first performance in the Czech Republic. The group involves exquisite folk musicians, Pelle Björnlert and Johan Hedin, with professional Baroque players, Nora Roll and Sven Åberg. In addition to playing folk and Baroque tunes a great part of the programme was improvised, uniting the sound of viola da gamba, and lute with folk violin and the nyckelharpa, a traditional Swedish instrument which combines the best of viola d’amore and hurdy gurdy.


Concert Programme

Anomym (Nordic folk tradition)
Ena tocka däka, Blidström, Hemiolen
Styrlander, Trästad, Döderhultarn
Polsness, Wrigstad (dances of the Polska type)
Two Polskas after Sven Donat
I hela naturen (dance of the Visa type)


Luigi Rossi (1597–1653)
Improvisation over Jacaras


Swedish Dances in the Bethlehem Chapel
Opera PLUS, 31. 7. 2015, Jan Baťa

The performance by all the ensemble members was very moving, which is not to say exaggerated or showy. This was enhanced by the perfect harmony between the individual players, but also the fact that they played from memory which contributed to the close connection among themselves, but also between the performers and the audience.


It proved a happy dramaturgic decision to have invited Silfver to perform at this year's festival. Their contribution "jazzed-up" the whole programme in a very refreshing way.