Música de Palacio

Spanish Renaissance Music at time of the Crown of Arago


Capella de Ministrers (Spain)
Pilar Esteban – soprano
José Hernandez‐Pastor – contratenor
José Pizarro – tenor

Jordi Ricart – baritone


Carles Magraner – violes, artistic director
David Antich – flutes
Pau Ballester – percussions
Ignasi Jordà – harpsichord


Monday 25 July 2011, 7.30 pm
The Rudolph Gallery at the Prague Castle


Philip II of Spain, yclept Prudent, was also the king of Naples, Sicily, Portugal, England and Chile. Considering the number of distinguished composers employed at his court (e.g. Antonio de Cabezón, Philippe Rogier and Mateo Flecha), however, he could also have been called Phillip the Musical. The music of the latter composer will resound in the Prague residence of Philip’s nephew, the Holy Roman emperor, the king of Bohemia, Hungary and Croatia and another great lover of arts, Rudolph II who spent part of his youth at the Madrid court of his uncle. In Rudolph’s picture gallery, Capella de Ministrers from Spain, led by the violinist Carles Magraner, will perform a programme of onomatopoetic pieces by Mateo Flecha, the so-called ensalades or musical jokes whose original purpose was to elevate the distressed minds of rulers. Ensalades are true musical delicacies and their moving performance will undoubtedly cheer up those who will come take part in the festive programme at the Prague Castle on 25 July 2011.