On the Wings of the Lion

Venetian music at the courts of Dresden, Vienna and Brunswick


Dorothee Mields – soprano
Musica Fiata (Germany)
Anette Sichelschmidt, Christine Moran – baroque violin
Roland Wilson, Arno Paduch – cornetto
Detlef Reimers, Peter Stelz
l – historical trombone
Adrian Rovatkay – dulzian
Christoph A. Noll – organ
Axel Wolf – chitarrone
Roland Wilson – artistic director


Friday 22 July 2011, 7.30 pm
The Ball-Game Hall of the Prague Castle


The concert takes place under the auspices of Luděk Sefzig, the Chairperson of the Committee on EU Affairs of the Parliament of the Czech Republic.


We would hardly find a space more appropriate in Prague to host a programme of music by Venetian composers and their followers at the courts in Dresden, Vienna and Brunswick than the Ball-Game Hall of the Prague Castle whose architecture is a product of a collaboration between the Viennese royal architect Boniface Wohlmuth and Aostalli de Sala Ulrico from Italy. The spread-out wings in the title of the concert refer above all to the widespread influence of Venetian Renaissance culture in Europe of the time. The virtuosic, emotional compositions of Johann Rosenmüller, Giovanni Gabrieli and Dario Castello will be performed by the eminent German ensemble Musica Fiata. The vocal solo parts will feature the soprano Dorothee Mields whose unique timbre and spotless technique have made her one of the leading interpreters of 17th- and 18th-century music today.