Palazzo in festa

An Uncommon Festival Opening in Roman Spirit
Concerts, Workshop, caffè, gelato


Sunday 14. 7. 2013, starting from 15:00
Clam-Gallasův palác, Husova 20, Praha 1


Tickets: 250 Kč
(includes concerts and workshop)
Children under 15 admission free.


This year’s programming showed Rome as a lively music centre, the place of origin or metamorphosis of many musical styles and genres, including the oratorio (as the sacred version of Baroque opera), secular cantata and instrumental solo sonata, as well as the majestic orchestral concerto grosso. The relaxed atmosphere of summery Prague and the beautiful architecture of all the concert venues contributed to the southern spirit and the festive character of the three festival weeks.


All these aspects were apparent already in the festival Preview on 14 July as the Baroque Clam-Gallas Palace in the Old Town of Prague resounded with fanfares, Roman Baroque songs, dances, and sonatas. The audience had a chance to participate in a musical workshop, to sing along and learn about some of the less known period instruments. Besides music, caffè and gelato were served – all in all it was a true Roman Palazzo in festa!


In cooperation with Archive hl. m. Praha