Dreamy songs of Frédéric Chopin set to the poems of the Polish romantics


Anna Mikołajczyk –soprano (Poland)
Edward Wolanin
–fortepiano (Poland)


Wednesday 29 July 2009, 8 pm
Břevnov Monastery, Teresian Hall, Markétská 1, Prague 6


Quite how far the frontiers of the so called “early music” can be stretched was demonstrated in the Břevnov Monastery on July 29 by Polish soprano Anna Mikołajczyk who brought with her a unique programme of songs by Frédéric Chopin and Pauline Viardot. These two names did not appear side by side merely by chance: while Mme Viardot (1821–1910), the femme fatale of the 19th century Paris, was a great influence on Chopin, her songs are transcriptions of his mazurkas. The sound of the fortepiano, on which Edward Wolanin played several solo pieces as well, added further colour to the exquisite style of the evening.