W. A. Mozart, Leopold. Mozart, J. M. Haydn, Joseph Wölfl


Salzburger Hofmusik (Austria)
Wolfgang Brunner – artistic director


Saturday 22 July 2006, 5.00 pm
Chateau Zbraslav, National Gallery in Prague, Bartoňova 2, Praha 5


The programme of the concert presented by Salzburger Hofmusik mapped the development of chamber music “from trio sonata to piano trio”. The Austrian ensemble, playing in the ensemble setting of a classical piano trio (violin – cello – pianoforte), performed music echoing the traditional baroque forms (the so-called trio sonata) for two solo instruments and accompaniment, but also some “genuine piano trios” where the piano is a tantamount partner of the two string instruments and whose popularity had been steadily growing since the middle of the 18th century. All the composers featuring in the programme were either born in Salzburg or worked there in the latter half of the 18th century. The listeners therefore had a chance to compare the piano trios by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart with those by his father Leopold, by Johann Michael Haydn (the brother of Joseph Haydn) and by the piano virtuoso Joseph Wölfl.