Sense and Sensibility

J. S. Bach, G. Ph. Telemann, A. Vivaldi


Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin (Germany)
Georg Kalweit – concertmaster
Jana Semerádová – flauto traverso
Elfa Rún Kristinsdóttir
– baroque violin
Clemens Maria Nuszbaumer
– baroque viola
Jan Freiheit
baroque cello
Raphael Alpermann
– harpsichord
Walter Rumer
– double bass


Wednesday 25. 7. 2012, 7.30 pm
Pražský hrad, Rudolfova galerie, Praha 1


The walls of the Rudolf Gallery at the Prague Castle were originally unembellished in order to accommodate as many artworks as possible. On 25 July 2012 the space filled up with musical canvasses of the Baroque masters, including famous instrumental concertos by Bach, the festive Völker-Ouverture by Telemann, or the pensive, yet vigorous Vivaldi Concerto in G Minor! The programme, entitled “Sense and Sensibility” and performed by the preeminent Akademie für alte Musik Berlin, outlined contrasts between German reticence and Italian spontaneity, and traced stylistc shifts within the oeuvre of Bach himself, from the emotion-charged Suite in B Minor to the harmonious order of his Brandenburg Concerto No. 5.


Supported by the Deutsch-Tschechischer Zukunftsfonds. In collaboration with the Prague Castle Administration.