The Music of the Kings

Spanish music on European courts from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance


Saturday 17 July 2004, 7.30 pm
St Martin in the Wall Church, Martinská, Praha 1


Mudéjar (Spain)
Begoña Olavide
– artistic director


The programme covered a wide range of historical Spanish music including troubadour songs, traditional Andalusian music, ballads and romances, as they would be heard at European aristocratic courts from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance. The musicians played unique medieval instruments restored after extensive research carried out both in Europe and Arabic  countries – e.g. psalterium, quanún, the Arabic lute, viheula da arco or viuela de mano. The artistic director of Mudéjar Begoña Olavide indeed confirmed her international renown as one of the leading virtuosos on psalterium.