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The Song of Songs from the works of the renaissance masters and motets from the Codex Emmeram


Stimmwerck – vocal ensemble (Germany)


Tuesday 4 August 2009, 7.30 pm
Church of the Virgin Mary before Týn, Staroměstské nám., Prague 1


The biblical Song of Songs has been a perpetual source of artistisc inspiration. Justifiably so, for it singularly unites sensuality and religious symbolism. A similarly unique fusion was created by the acoustic space of the Church of the Virgin Mary before Týn in the Old Town and the celebrated German ensemble Stimmwerck. This renowned vocal ensemble of a countertenor, two tenors and a bass baritone, presented a late medieval and renaissance repertoire comprising among others several motets to the Virgin Mary and anonymous works from the Speciálník, St. Emmeram and Berlin  codexes, as well as compositions by Gilles Binchois and Francesco Landini, whose works have seldom been performed in this country.