Selections from the festival programme


When the muse Terpsichore dances at the royal court with Renaissance ladies and their cavaliers, there’s an unforgettable evening of elegance, fantasy and fun.
And the music and dance performance TERPSICHORE will be just such a playful evening, recalling the famous masquerade balls of the Polish Queen Bona Sforza. This influential and ambitious monarch made dance an essential part of the representation of the Polish royal court.


You can look forward to Italian, French, German and Polish dances, rich Renaissance costumes and stylised masks, love and court intrigue, the famous jester Stańczyk and Queen Bona herself... Accept the invitation to the lively, sophisticated and colourful carnival of one of the most interesting female aristocrats of the Renaissance!


A Renaissance Masked Ball at the Polish Royal Court,
Ballet and Pantomime Performance for All Generations


Saturday 29. 07. 2023 | 19.00
Holandská 699/1, Prague 10

The ballet and pantomime performance is intended for adults and children aged 7 and over. For children aged 7–15, the Summer Festivities of Early Music festival offers an exceptional 50 % discount!