Concert recording


The evening passed without a break, in a calm and concentrated atmosphere. As the artistic director of the ensemble states, there have often been moments when the music puts people into a kind of trance, when they feel as if they are seeing the cathedral from above.


The audience correctly recognised that applause at the beginning would be distracting and showed their appreciation for the singers only at the end, but then fulsomely.


Dita Hradecká for the news website Aktuálně.cz



For me the Summer Festivities of Early Music are a guarantee of musical quality every year, the organisers’ dramaturgy is always flawless, and the highest quality is a matter of course for them. I sometimes wonder what it would be like to hear these pieces without knowing all that happened in music during the following five hundred years. I think we would find them revolutionary, experimental, intellectual and dazzling. We would understand why the elite of the Western world of the time were so captivated by them. It’s like listening to the voice of civilisation.


Dionysos now! sang in such a way that the beauty of the individual voices stood out, the most striking being Terry Wey’s high, perfectly pitched countertenor.


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