NATURA | The theme of 23rd Summer Festivities of Early Music


Festival programme offered seven concerts, one day Masterclass of German and Italian Baroque instrumental music and international masterclass of Frech Baroque music Akademie Versailles.


Melodic sounds and the noises of nature have always provided inexhaustible inspiration or object of imitation for composers, lyricists and musicians alike. So, preparing the 23rd edition of the Summer Festivities of Early Music with the subtitle NATURA has been a pure joy. After two pandemic years, we were rewarded with sold out concert venues and enthusiastic reactions of the audience.

Both nature and music must be protected, maintained and nurtured and have a way cleared towards them. For their preservation, but also for our own sake, because just as man needs nature, he also needs music. 

Josefína Knoblochová, festival director

The festival audience met 45 interprets in six concert venues, 37 students from 16 countries all over the world participated the international masterclass Akademie Versailles

This international festival is distinctive in its inspiring dramaturgical exclusiveness, its selection of performers, including “exotic” ensembles with instruments unknown in this country, as well as its choice of concert venues. And last but not least, the high standard of the programme booklet, including translations of the vocal lyrics., 5. 8. 2022, Helena Havlíková


The input of Collegium Marianum – Týnská škola, the organiser of the festival and master classes, is meticulously perfect in all components of its activities – dramaturgy, production, promotion (prepared materials and programme), its highly responsive and sensitive attitude to the audience, as well as its close relationship with its sponsors and foreign colleagues – where mutual cooperation of the entire community, I assume, facilitates the creation of quality programming and interpretation and saves resources. That is why the festival remains so attractive for donors and audiences interested in the given genre and style.

Opera PLUS, 26. 7. 2022, Lenka Dohnalová


How do you recognise a good festival? It has a long-term concept, a stable and growing listener base, a dramaturgy that satisfies both the layman and the informed listener and holds its own even in a global context, quality texts in the programmes and good organisation. All of the above applies to the Summer Festivities of Early Music. It is hard to find a reason to spend summer evenings anywhere else than at one of their concerts.

Aktuálně.cz, 20. 7. 2022, Dita Hradecká