Polyhymnia <br> © Petra Hajská
Festival on Czech Radio broadcast


An unforgettable experience in the online archive of Czech Radio Vltava


The Ensemble Polyharmonique (Germany) performed for the first time in the Czech Republic, bringing to Prague spiritual madrigals and concerts in the Venetian and Alpine style written by Heinrich Schütz, Claudio Monteverdi, Wolfgang Carl Briegel, Michael Praetorio and others.

Elaborate dramaturgy and excellent artistic performance created an unforgettable experience.


Simply put, the concert was brilliant.


Jan Baťa, Klasikaplus.cz, 19. 7. 2023

Spiritual Madrigals and Concerts in Venice and beyond the Alp

Magdalene Harer – soprano
Joowon Chung – soprano
Alexander Schneider – countertenor, artistic director
Johannes Gaubitz – tenor
Christopher Renz – tenor
Matthias Lutze – bass
Juliane Laake – violone
Klaus Eichhorn – organ

photo © Petra Hajská