Boemo furioso

Recently Discovered Virtuoso Works of F. Jiránek in Vivaldi style
(F. Jiránek –
Concertos and Sinfonias, A. Vivaldi – La notte)


Sergio Azzolini – baroque bassoon (Italy)
Marina Katarzhnova – concert leader (Russia)
Collegium Marianum – baroque orchestra (Czech Republic)
Jana Semerádová – artistic leader, flauto traverso (Czech Republic)


Thursday 22 July 2010, 7.30 pm
Rudolfinum, Dvořák Hall, Náměstí Jana Palacha, Prague 1


The Summer Festivities opened in a veritable blaze of virtuosity, in the shape of the newly-discovered concerti of František Jiránek, whose compositional mastery vibrantly combines a fiery Vivaldi-like violin part with tuneful flute themes and sparkling passages on the bassoon. Accordingly, the exponents of these parts were none other than Marina Katarzhnova (violin), Jana Semerádová (flute) and Sergio Azzolini (bassoon). The Rudolfinum witnessed the modern premieres of works by a master of Jiranek’s stature, as well as brilliant performances of music by Vivaldi himself.