Cansó de la crozada

Love, Passion, Grief, and Holy War in the Songs of Medieval Troubadours


Hana Blažíková, Barbora Sojková – voice, gothic harp, psaltery


Friday 27. 7. 2012, 8.00 pm
Former Convent of St Agnes of Bohemia, Anežská 12, Praha 1


It is quite remarkable that the shrine of St. Saviour, located in the bosom of St. Agnes Cloister in the centre of Prague, hosted music older than itself, considering that it was founded in 1261! The “newest” song of the programme, Un sirventés novel by the famous troubadour Peire Cardenal was composed around the time the ancient cloister was founded by Agnes of the Premyslid and Wenceslas I in 1233. The night of 27 July was highly unusual in other respects as well: the medieval singers, knights, nobles, and crusaders all personified by the sopranos Hana Blažíková and Barbora Sojková, who also accompanied themselves on gothic harps and psaltery.


In collaboration with the National Gallery Prague.