Le Médecin Malgré Lui


La Fabrique à théâtre – theatre company (France)
Jean-Denis Monory – direction
Manuel De Grange and Hana Fleková – music
Chantal Rousseau
and Geneviève David – costumes
Charlotte Smoos
– scenario
Pascale Deneu
– stage lighting


Wednesday 6. 8. 2008, 7:30 pm
State Opera Prague, Wilsonova 4, Praha 1


For the evening of 6 August 2008, the State Opera in Prague was carried over to 1666, the day when Molière’s famous comedy had its premiere in Paris. The perfect illusion of travel in time and return to the atmosphere of baroque theatre was provided by the French company La Fabrique à théâtre directed by Jean Denis Monory. But “French baroque theatre” in this case meant not only Molière’s poetic language (with Czech subtitles) and action full of turns and intrigues, but also a complicated system of baroque gesture, choreography, candlelight, colourful costumes and continuous sound of music. The result was a rich, yet pure theatrical product rid of the sediments of the intervening years and full of suggestive power.