The first Prague serenade with the renowned Italian ensemble

G. F. Händel, G. P. Telemann, A. Marcello, C. P. E. Bach


Ensemble Zefiro (Italy)
Alfredo Bernardini – baroque oboe, artistic director


Wednesday 5 August 2009, 8 pm
Břevnov Monastery, Teresian Hall, Markétská 1, Prague 6


The Břevnov Monastery shed its urban garments and once again clothed itself in groves and meadows, returning to the time when passers-by might catch the sound of a shepherd's shawm. This came to pass due to the  performance of the Italian ensemble Zefiro. The tones of the oboe of Alfredo Bernardini and the bassoon of Alberto Grazzi were carried on the evening breeze. They both excelled as soloists in the sonatas of Haendel, Telemann and Schaffrat as well as in "Pastorale" by C. P. E. Bach.