La strada del cielo

Johannes Ciconia in the Service of the
Aristocracy of the Italian Middle Ages

Thursday 22. 07. 2021 | 20.00 Church of St. Martin in the Wall
Martinská 8, Praha 1
Without intermission


Johannes Ciconia (ca 1370–1412)
O felix templum jubila
Le ray au soleyl
Lizadra donna
Con lagreme bagnandome
Gli atti col dançar
Per quella strada lactea
Gloria „Spiritus et alme“
Anonymous songs
Lamento di Tristano
Alleluia Ego sum pastor bonus
Viver ne puis
Ave stella matutina


Alena Dantcheva – soprano
Francesca Cassinari – soprano
Gianluca Ferrarini – tenor
Teodoro Baù – fiddle


With the Italian ensemble la fonte musica directed by lutist Michele Pasotti, we will set out to explore the late medieval Apennine Peninsula in all its variety. The evening’s main guide will be Johannes Ciconia – the first of the Flemish composers to have a brilliant career in Italy. Ciconia composed for church dignitaries in Rome, the Visconti family in Pavia, the da Carrara family in Padua, and even for the Doge of Venice. He was also able to set to music an aristocratic coat of arms and thereby extol the aristocratic virtues of its holder…


The most important focal areas of spiritual and secular polyphonic practice will be presented by three singers accompanied by a medieval lute and fiddle, covering several typical musical forms – motet, canon, madrigal, ballata, or istampitta. The journey to the stars of the Italian trecento and quattrocento begins in the Church of St. Martin in the Wall on Thursday, July 22.


Church of St. Martin in the Wall

Martinská 8, Praha 1

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Partners of the concert

With the kind support of the Italian Culture Institute in Prague.