Sueños mágicos

Dance Rhythms under the Southern Sun

Wednesday 31. 07. 2024 | 20.00 The Ball Games Hall
Prague Castle, Prague 1
With intermission


Gaspar Sanz (ca 1640–1710)
Mariona, Chacona, Canarios
Luis de Milán (ca 1500–1561)
Pavana y Gallarda
Diego Ortiz (ca 1510–1570)
La Spagna, Romanesca, Passamezzo moderno
Alonso Mudarra (ca 1510–1580)
Pavana y Fantasía
Luys de Narváez (fl. 1526–1549)
Diferencias sobre Guárdame las Vacas
Dimitrie Cantemir (1673–1723)
Buselik Asirani, Makam, I Hüseyni Sakil, I Aga Riza, Raiko
Santiago de Murcía (1673–1739)
Pierre Attaingnant (ca 1494–1551/1552)
Pedro Guerrero (16th century)
Urruska Fandangoa, Porrue
Galliarda la Traditora
Spanish Pavane
and others


Miren Zeberio – Baroque violin, rebec
Pablo Martín Caminero – double bass
David Mayoral – percussion


The richly decorated Ball Games Hall in the Royal Garden of Prague Castle, adorned with figurative and ornamental sgraffiti, has long been used for entertainment. It will be no different with the concert aptly named “Magical Dreams”, whose protagonists will be the vivacious members of the popular Basque group Euskal Barrok Ensemble led by Enrike Solinís. The guitar virtuoso from Bilbao, who will also introduce the audience to the intoxicating sound of the Turkish lavta and medieval gittern, is – like his ensemble – renowned for his boundless musicality and captivating musical creativity.
The impressive rhythms and fascinating melodies of the southern European repertoire will surely not only make the audience dance but perhaps also the allegories of virtue and the seven liberal arts depicted on the walls of the Renaissance architectural gem, to which the Summer Festivities of Early Music are returning after 9 years. ¡Olé!


The Ball Games Hall

Prague Castle, Prague 1

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Partners of the concert

The concert is held with the kind support of the Embassy of Spain in Prague and the Acción Cultural Española (AC/E) and in collaboration with the Spanish National Institute of Performing Arts and Music and the Etxepare Basque Institute.