Acis and Galatea

A Stage Performance of G. F. Handel's
Pastoral Opera with Puppets

Tuesday 06. 08. 2024 | 19.00 Prague City Theatres – The ABC Theatre
Vodičkova 699/28, Praha 1, 110 00
With intermission


George Frideric Handel (1685–1759)
Acis and Galatea, HWV 49a (1718)
The performance is dedicated to the memory of soprano Patricia Burda Janečková († 2023), who played the role of the nymph Galatea in the premiere production of this musical piece in 2017.


Collegium Marianum
Jana Semerádová – flauto traverso
Stefano Barneschi, Magdalena Malá – Baroque violin
Nele Vertommen – Baroque oboe, recorder
Vojtěch Podroužek – Baroque oboe
Kryštof Lada – bassoon
Ján Prievozník – double bass
Hana Fleková – Baroque cello
Jan Krejča – theorbo
Marek Čermák – harpsichord
Buchty a loutky
Vít Brukner
Marek Bečka
Zuzana Bruknerová
Radek Beran

Vít Brukner – director
Barbora Čechová, Kateřina Housková – puppet stage design and marionettes
Markéta Stormová – costumes
Lukáš Valiska – lights


Join us in celebrating the 25th birthday of the festival with a visit to the theatre – a place of magic and wonders that will transport you to a world of fantasy! George Frideric Handel’s lovely pastoral opera presents an ideal picture of a life of love and peace, which even jealousy cannot destroy and in which death is not a sign of the end but of a new beginning. It is set in a dreamy landscape full of natural beauty… This first ever Handel opera to use an English text has remained almost continuously in the repertoire of opera houses until today.
This magical performance, with Baroque gestures and puppets of various sizes, is the result of many years of cooperation between the Collegium Marianum ensemble and the Buchty a loutky theatre troupe. The audience can look forward to a unique theatrical poetics, unmistakable humour and a distinctive emphasis on the artistic aspect. Five soloists and the festival’s ensemble in residence, directed by Jana Semerádová, will tell the sparklingly delightful, yet fatally dramatic story of the nymph Galatea, the shepherd Acis and the Cyclops Polyphemus.
In the first act, the shepherds and nymphs are rejoicing in the pleasures of beautiful nature. The demigoddess and nymph Galatea, in love with the shepherd Acis, tries to quieten the chirping birds. Acis’s close friend Damon rushes to offer advice to the two lovers and sings a beautiful Sicilian serenade during their first meeting.
The second act introduces a much more mournful atmosphere and a warning of the coming of the monstrous Polyphemus. The Cyclops dramatically enters the scene, singing of his jealous love for Galatea and threatening violent action. Meanwhile, Acis doesn’t heed Damon’s warning – he’s determined to persevere in his love. Acis and Galatea pledge allegiance to each other to the grave, but are interrupted by Polyphemus, who kills Acis in a rage. The mourning Galatea, with her unearthly power, transforms the body of Acis into a refreshing fountain. The opera closes with a chorus celebrating the immortality of Acis.

We offer a ticket to the concert for 100 CZK for students! For more information click here.


Prague City Theatres – The ABC Theatre

Vodičkova 699/28, Praha 1, 110 00

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