Between Heaven and Earth

Medieval Eulogies from Italy

Thursday 19. 07. 2018 | 20.30 The Church of Our Lady of the Slavs
Vyšehradská 49/320, Praha 1 - Nové Město, 128 00


Laudas from manuscript Laudario di Cortona (14th century)

Concert without intermission.
Expected end of the concert: 21:45.


Daniela Čermáková – voice
Tereza Havlíková – voice
Anna Chadimová Havlíková – voice
Kamila Mazalová – voice
Hana Blažíková – voice, harp
Angela Ambrosini – key fiddle


The high celestial sphere of the Middle Ages invites us to prayer. In the 14th century, it sent tidings to Croatian monks on the Pashman isle that Charles IV wished them to come to Prague and establish a monastery there, known as the Emmaus Abbey. Two hundred years before, St Francis of Assisi knelt down under the Mediterranean firmament to sing his praise to God.

This programme, created and performed by Tiburtina Ensemble with its artistic director Barbora Kabátková, will take us to the space Between Heaven and Earth, symbolized by the high Gothic dome of the Church of Our Lady of the Slavs at the Emmaus Abbey.

Together with two Italian virtuosos on the key fiddle, Marco Ambrosini and Angela Ambrosini, they will perform a selection of unique hymns or lauds, monodic religious songs from the famous manuscript collection Laudario di Cortona. Key fiddle was a favourite instrument of the travelling bards, including the troubadours of Occitania whose songs were so much admired by St Francis.


The Church of Our Lady of the Slavs

Vyšehradská 49/320, Praha 1 - Nové Město, 128 00

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Partners of the concert

In collaboration with the Italian Culture Institute in Prague.